I’ve put the store system with click to chat on the back burner for a while. I developed a system that allows people to take credit card payments on their BlackBerry. I’ve launched it at

The first sign up was last Wednesday, basically just a few days after there was any traffic going to the site at all. If things keep going this way it could end up being successful.

I’m still planning to pursue my original strategy but this looked like an opportunity for a service that could have some activity right out of the gates.

I’ll post updates here as the service grows.

First Post

It’s 2009 and this is my first blog post. I’ve never really had much to say so I didn’t want to waste people’s time with rambling about nothing. However, I am currently in the process of (re)launching an application software provider company and would like to blog about the progress and the technology I am working on. That will not be my only topic, I am also a musician and will be writing about that relatively often. So I hope anyone reading this will check back every so often, I am very excited about what I am doing and promise not to bore.

So here is what I am working on. I’ve been a programmer for 10 years and during that time have put some work into my own software systems. The two systems I’m resurrecting are an online store system and a click to chat system. I plan to let people have an online store with click to chat at a very low (or free) price. I also will be launching a portal to all of the stores once critical mass is reached. I have started efforts of my own in the past and failed, so I am not getting my hopes up, but there is always the chance that this time will be different. If it bombs all I’ve lost is some spare time and gained invaluable experience. I will continue to post updates here as the launch approaches, stay tuned!