Caring Labs

In the process of incorporating Keyring Labs, my company. Also launching a new effort which I thought of during a conversation with someone who works at a non-profit (as I do). Caring Labs is going to be a sister corporation of Keyring Labs, offering pro-bono consulting, products and services to any non-profit needing any of that.

The idea is that the non-profit I work for has more resources than most non-profits, and a very good CTO who has gotten the organization ahead of the game technology-wise in most ways, but even for us some of things we do are a little backwards (only in dealing with technology). There are a lot of non-profits fighting for things of great value to this world that have even less resources than the organization I work for. If there was an organization that could come into a place, look at how they are using technology, and either point them in the right direction or do the actual work to get them operating far more efficiently, well, hopefully enough has been said and you all get the picture. Will update on the progress here often.

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